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*rolls eyes*

Okies, so my vcr finally just died, and I mean dead died, so I missed all of last week, but no worries as I am not here to ask what happened. So I am watching today, and I just have to comment on the sheer dumbest thing i think I have ever heard from Billie Reed's mouth (no, I can't stand her btw)

(roughly paraphrasing till the line I am speaking of, which is the actual qoute and is underlined)

Bo:How do you think she would re-act to us being her parents?
Billie: I don't know..."She must be a teenager by now"<-----*facepalm*WTF?!?!?!? I mean didn't you give birth to her, weren't you there? Wouldn't you know how old you alleged dead child is?

aiy yi yi yi yi, the studity of that woman burns, it just burns

*my apologies to those who actually like Billy Reed, but seriously, she really is just a dumb bitch, her and new belle #54
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