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I saw a commercial for Days for the first time in a long time over the weekend and didn't realize that I had fallen so far out of touch with the show. Austin is back? Carrie is too? Belle had a baby?? The hell? Before I would at least try to keep up with what was going on even though watching was torture (nuBelle was kind of the last straw - I love the fact that I started watching General Hospital and Kirsten Storms showed up there). So anyway, I'm wondering if anyone could give me a quick catch up of what has been going on.

The last I saw on the show Jack had just made his way back to Jennifer and Salem only to be taken hostage again. Then he was dying and trying to get that guy (who I only know as old AJ from General Hospital) to hook up with Jen so she wouldn't miss him as much.

Sean and Phillip had just escaped Tony and that guy the Sami was pretending to be. Belle was still wrestling with that whole stupid triangle.

Lucas had realized that Kate was the one who set up Sami but Sami was trying to hide her part in Tony's plan.

Nicole was trying to keep Brady away from Chole, who still didn't want to see Brady because of her scars. With this one I don't actually know what happened to Chole to scar her.

When did Carrie and Austin come back? And why the devil, after all she has done, would Austin go into business with her??

If there are other storylines you can remember that you can catch me up on, that would be great. There are a lot of other people I haven't asked about. It's amazing, I grew up watching this show and Reilly just killed the damn thing. I had been saying that at least if Carrie came back I would start watching again and I can't believe I missed it! Oh well, at least I'm recording it now.

Thanks in advance!!
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